Chat Registration

This chat is heavily monitored. Please read and abide by the rules below. Violations will be dealt with.

Each time you log into the chat, your IP address, handle, and the date and time are recorded. This is done so that we can ban abusive chatters. If you have a problem with this practice, you probably need to find somewhere else to visit.

Play Nice
Be considerate of other visitors. Show some respect. Do not flame, antagonize, or annoy other visitors. Harassment of any sort is not allowed. You know the drill. If you can’t play nice, you can go find another sandbox to play in.

Keep your language PG-13 or cleaner
The use of foul or offensive language is not tolerated. Some visitors might not object, but others will. Show a little civility and respect their opinions. You might earn their respect in doing so. No matter what, cybersex is right out. That’ll get you banned immediately.

No Spamming
Posting the url to a new site is fine. Constantly begging people to go look at your site is just annoying. Give us all a break.

No Improper Handles
This would be any handle or alias that contains abusive, sexually explicit, or offensive language.

No Flooding
Repeated posting of annoying or duplicate messages or just random garbage is termed flooding and is prohibited.

No Shouting
The use of all-caps is commonly referred to as shouting, and is generally quite annoying. The use of all-caps is prohibited.

Have Fun
This last rules is the most important and is probably the easiest to follow. These rules are basic guidelines to help ensure that everyone will find Page of Legends a friendly, enjoyable environment to visit.

In most cases a warning will be issued for any minor violations of these rules. Multiple warnings will result in banning. A major violation will result in immediate banning without warning. And, as the cliché goes, ignorance of the rules is no excuse. Anyone banned from the chat room may request that our administrators review their ban. A review will be held at our convenience and the decision made then will be final.

The administrators can and will, at their discretion, ban from the chat any users that they deem to be disruptive to welfare of the community. The decisions of the administrators are final and are not open for debate. The administrators reserve the right to modify or change these rules as circumstance dictates.

  I agree to these conditions